The mountain lion in the REQUESTbar logo represents a person’s individual power to manifest their dreams. The lightning bolt captured in the mountain lion’s teeth is symbolic of creative inspiration -- those flashes of insight and creative genius that strike us in moments of expanded consciousness. Put together, the mountain lion and lightning bolt convey the message that one must own their own power to capture those momentary flashes of creative inspiration and make them manifest in our world.

Power awakened within the hearts of creative visionaries, dreamers, risk takers, and rebels is what will change our world for the better.

REQUESTbar is here to initiate us into our power, teach us to embrace our visionary-self, show us how to be fiercely loving, and inspire us to be fearless in the pursuit of our wildest dreams.
The activated portal artwork above was channeled by Asha-Lily Tien (@asha.lily.tien) in Australia.