Makenzie Marzluff and Michael McPherson are passionate partners in life, business, and their sacred soul mission. They live in Bozeman, MT, where they operate their three businesses, REQUESTbar, Delighted By, and KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. M&M are obsessed with nature, art, music, plant medicines, soul family, conscious business, new energy technologies, and their shaman cat (Mo)

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ART - We honor art and treat every corner of REQUESTbar as an expression of art. We also partner with rad, badass, inspiring artists in celebration and honor of their genius, devotion, and creative self-expression.

INNOVATION - We think for ourselves. We love originality. Our rebel side is our favorite side. We love when people tell us, "That's not possible." Bound by no outdated self-limiting belief systems, we are free to pioneer a better future for all.

SERVICE - We are 100% committed to blasting this planet with light(ning bolts) for the betterment of humanity and all beings. That's why we're constantly working on ourselves; learning, growing, expanding, and evolving, so that we may be the purest possible vessels of service.

SUSTAINABILITY - Minimal footprint, maximum respect. We owe it all to Her (Mother Earth).

VIBES - Our promise is that RB lands on your doorstep and enters YOUR body with the purest vibes only, from who is making it, how it's made, the environment it's made in, to the energy we infuse into it. We protect RB’s frequency from start to finish and honor every step of the manufacturing process as sacred.

COMMUNITY - We welcome your full participation in this vision. No dream could ever be materialized without the support of the tribe. It takes a village. We’re all in this together, co-creating this vision of Heaven on Earth, this future we all can believe in.

EXCELLENCE - Every detail matters. Everywhere you look what you’ll see is precision and perfection (or as close to it as humanly possible). We pay close attention to all the details and we never cut corners. Like, literally, never.