We are a small-business located in the small, yet growing city of Bozeman, Montana. We value our community and we value sustainability. Our goal is to create every bar with intention, care, and respect for not only the consumers but for the entire supply chain from start to finish.


Devan Hammond recently took over REQUESTbar from the original founders in hopes to extend her passion for increasing access to food that makes us feel good. The mission for this protein bar company is to provide a product that meets the need for many, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of values, religion, economics, health, daily experiences, mood, etcetera. Devan believes that food does not need to be complicated; thus, these gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free protein bars are made with only pure, whole ingredients. They are a clean, easy-to-digest form of protein and energy that will leave you feeling inspired and recharged.


INNOVATION - We think for ourselves. We love originality. Our rebel side is our favorite side. We love when people tell us, "That's not possible." Bound by no outdated self-limiting belief systems, we are free to pioneer a better future for all.

SERVICE - We are 100% committed to offering products in favor of the betterment of humanity and all beings. That's why we're constantly working on ourselves; learning, growing, expanding, and evolving, so that we may offer the best possible services to our consumers. We hold the same standards for our employees as well.

SUSTAINABILITY - Simply put: minimal footprint, maximum respect. We owe it all to Her (Mother Earth).

VIBES - Our promise is that our bars land on your doorstep with the purest vibes only, from where our ingredients are sourced to who is making our bars, how they're made, the environment they're made in, and the energy we infuse into them.

COMMUNITY - We welcome your full participation in this vision. No dream could be materialized without the support of you. It takes a village. We’re all in this together, co-creating this vision and inspiring a future we all can believe in.

EXCELLENCE - Every detail matters. Everywhere you look what you’ll see is precision and perfection (or as close to it as humanly possible). We pay close attention to all the details and we never cut corners. Like, literally, never.