Cinnamon Twist Protein Bar

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  • Cinnamon Twist Protein Bar

Cinnamon Twist Protein Bar

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Organic cinnamon with a hint of sea salt....what started as a mistake yet then became a delectable staple.

100% Organic, plant-based, gluten-free ingredients.* Low sugar, no dates, no BS!

*Made in a facility that processes nuts, gluten, wheat, soy and dairy.


Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

*All ingredients are Organic

Ingredients: Isomaltooligosaccharides (Organic Prebiotic Fiber From Pea), Almonds, Plant-based Protein Blend (Sprouted Biofermented Brown Rice, Rice Bran Solubles, Maca Powder, Vanilla Powder, Coconut Sugar, Erythritol), Peanuts, Oats, Cocoa butter, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


    REQUESTbar was created to support you in pursuing your wildest dreams. No, not those dreams you were conditioned to pursue because of your upbringing or the ones glorified and validated by our main stream culture, but the big, bold, audacious dreams you were born with deep inside your heart.

    REQUESTbar is here to reawaken the dreams inside of you, to help you remember it and reclaim it. We are here to remind you to take bold action and courageous leaps of faith in bringing all your wildest dreams to life.

    When you eat a REQUESTbar, you're not just eating a protein bar loaded with outstanding nutrition and the highest quality ingredients. You're eating a bar that's been infused with energy. As far-fetched as that might sound, it's true. Our protein bars are manufactured with, surrounded by, and infused with energy codes. Thus, when you consume a REQUESTbar, you are also taking in that energy to help activate your visionary-self. Never before has the world received a protein bar created with this much intention. This is where our mantra stems from: REQUEST AND YOU WILL RECEIVE. Our protein bars were made to fuel your body and ignite that extraordinary part of you that's capable of making all your dreams a reality. 

    That's the REQUESTbar mission, to awaken humanity to their extraordinary nature by inspiring people to pursue and make manifest their wildest dreams. 


    REQUESTbars are made in our very own facility located in Bozeman, MT.

    Every batch of REQUESTbars is made with intention, surrounded by art, color, music, sound, and subtle energy technologies to ensure that only the highest vibrations make their way into these bars, and therefore, your body.

    We are committed to raising the consciousness of the planet through our food products and business practices. Our company is dedicated to paving a new way of enterprise and food manufacturing, one that is rooted in service to many and heart-centered creativity.


nutrition for the high

100% organic ingredients. Always less than 4 grams of sugar per bar. Zero additives, natural flavors or BS.


REQUESTbars are created in an intentional environment surrounded by art, color, music and a touch of woo. By the time these bars land on your doorstep, they basically have superpowers.


Every flavor of REQUESTbar is infused with a specific energy (or 'code') to support you in manifesting your big dream. If you need some courage, look no further.