RB Launch Letter from Michael

It’s been a long time coming, the official launch of REQUESTbar, but as we all know, great things take time. Launching a family legacy like this has been no small feat. It has required everything of us; patience, strength, faith, trust, and above all, COURAGE. The courage to be fearless in the pursuit of something that has never been done before. Rest assured, food has NEVER been created in this way, with this much intention, this much love, and this much care and respect for not only the end consumer but the entire supply chain, start to finish. We are REVOLUTIONIZING the way food is created and we could not have a better partner in that mission than REQUESTbar.

So, without further ado, we present to you REQUESTbar, a protein bar company with the sole purpose of inspiring you to live your greatest dreams, the dreams you were born with inside your heart. We dreamers, we’re here for so much more than what we believe, and the time is ripe for us to bear our hearts on the alter of life and offer our dreams to the world. If RedBull gives you wings then REQUESTbar gives you the full armor of God to suit up and be fearless in the pursuit of the dreams inside your heart. We’re talking courageous leaps of faith that will fundamentally and forever alter who you know yourself to be and what you know yourself to be capable of. 

What’s your dream? Hint, you’ll know you’re on the right track if it scares the shit out of you, if you feel fear welling up inside of you at the simple thought of living it. I’ll tell you right now, on behalf of REQUESTbar and all the incredible entities that channel through us, YOU ARE WORTHY of living your greatest dreams. You were chosen for them, hand selected by the divine forces that govern our reality to live them fully. If not you then nobody. You are THE ONE, and they want you to know that. So take some time, sit with your dreams, consciously acknowledge them and say “yes” to them. Say “yes” to bringing them to life no matter what it takes, no matter what the sacrifice, no matter what the cost. REQUEST support from your guides, your angels, from the divine and be open to RECEIVE that support in your life, to be guided every step of the way, consistently lead to the next right step.

The time has come for you, for me, and for everyone in this incredible tribe of extraordinary human beings to step into our VISIONARY-SELVES, envision the future of our dreams, and to consciously co-create that future by collaborating with other heart-centered visionaries from around the world. The time is now. The place is here. Feel your dream alive inside your heart beckoning you forward, calling you to so much more. Spread your wings, grab a bar, and take that courageous leap of faith. You WILL be caught on the other side, but your trust will be tested, as will the quality of strength inside your heart.

REQUESTbar is here in full force, full power, supporting you in capturing those flashes of divine inspiration and grounding them here on Earth. Talk with him, communicate with him, tell him what you desire. Infuse your REQUESTs into each bar before you eat them and watch in awe as your dreams become a reality.




Have you seen the new RB boxes? They are fire! A huge part of what we’re up to with RB (and DB) is partnering with inspiring artists living in their zone of genius to bring through the ENERGY of REQUESTbar. The box itself was a collaboration between us, Asha Lily Tien, the creator of the REQUESTbar portal, and Britt Felton, our illustrative designer. By simply holding these boxes in your hands your tapping into the full creative power of REQUESTbar AND these creative geniuses. When you receive your box, read the labels. Mak and I poured our hearts into getting the messaging just right, just as REQUESTbar wanted it. Each side of the box has important messaging that will be supportive to you as you go about materializing your dreams. And let’s not forget about the lightning! The box itself is covered in lightning bolts to ensure you’re as conductive as possible to creative inspiration.

Inside the box you’ll find our bars in their sleek new packaging. Make sure to read and receive the “visionary code” of each flavor on the back of the packaging before consuming your bars. This will help you invoke that code (bring it to life) within your mind and body. REQUESTbars are shelf stable, so you can store your box in your cupboard, pantry, or on top of your countertops. They are good for up to a year at ambient room temp, although I doubt they’ll last that long in your home. Please offer us any feedback on the flavor profile of the bars themselves. Did you love them? What did you like best? And when you get the chance, please leave us a review on our website, www.requestbar.com

REQUESTbars are organic, gluten free, and vegan. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and fair-trade. Each bar is infused with ENERGY. In our facility, we use subtle energy devices like the BioChargerNG, the BioPod by CellState, and Focus Life Force Energy (FLFE) to infuse specific energies into our bars. This initial batch was infused with the codes of FEARLESSNESS, PROSPERITY, VITALITY, and COURAGE. And yes, we jammed out to high-vibe music and danced our asses of while making them.


More to come soon but for now, enjoy your bars! If you have any questions or concerns about your product, please send an intentional email to michael@requesbar.com and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.  


*International shipping is back open
*These bars will genuinely blow you away when you taste them.
*The bars are even better texture than our RB Dough Bites (believe it or not).
*The reviews on our website says it all.