Deep inside of you is an epic dream. 

You were born with this dream— not solely just for you, but for the benefit of all. 

Every cell in your being and every atom in the Universe was aligned to support your dream coming true.

Request it and you will receive.

I can’t promise it’ll always be easy. 

Bringing your dream to life may have your heart racing 99% of the time.

Chemicals of fear and self doubt may dump into your system often. 

But those are lies.

Remind yourself of this Truth. 

Go for it. Breathe deep. Jam out to your favorite music. And get the heck out of your own way so that you can fly.

Request and you will receive. 

If your dream scares the shit out of you, say yes to it. 

Visualize your dream and then request it.

Once you request it, open yourself up to receive it! 

You can literally do anything you desire to do. 

You are co-creating with the Universe to bring the desires of your soul into physical manifestation.

The only thing that can get in the way? 


Open your mind, lead from your Truth, surrender to the possibilities, and delight in the entire journey.

Request and you will receive.

You are not alone in pursuing your wildest dreams.

In fact, you are more supported by the Universe and all of its magic than you realize.

The trick to see, feel and hear the support.


You will receive guidance.

Find and remember your tools because they’ll bring ease and grace into your life experience.

Request for your tools to find you so that you can receive all the assistance you need, that you never even knew was possible.

If you are willing to request, and you are willing to receive, the desires of your soul will be fulfilled. 

If you are willing to ask, and you are willing to allow, then you will have the key to living your dream as a reality. 

Request And You Will Receive.

“This is a story of possibility’’ - Logic


*The above writing is an excerpt from Makenzie's book, How To Lead A Badass Business From Your Heart.