Our "Sunday Service" Practice That Upleveled Our Romantic Union

This episode is for those in partnership or those intending to be in partnership in the future. We share in detail our weekly practice called ‘Sunday Service.’ This practice has contributed to our union tremendously, and now we're offering it to you for you to apply and implement it into your own life and/or sacred union. We use some of our on-the-court experiences as examples and a few personal tools that have helped us uplevel our experience of communication, authenticity, and intimacy in our divine union.
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Is Your Sexual Shame Keeping You From Your Bigness?

Is your sexual shame keeping you from your bigness?

Shame around sex robs us from the true freedom and intimacy we desire.

We live in a society where having an open dialogue about sex is not only avoided, but feared. For too long sex has been considered a "taboo" topic, something to discuss behind closed doors, which only perpetuates shame and furthers its distortion. It's time we bring it to the light!

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