Working Through Conflict And Discovering Emotional Maturity In Relationships

Michael and Makenzie sit down to discuss their most recent life updates and biggest lessons. It’s been a huge month full of growth and transformation, one episode certainly wouldn’t be able to cover it all!

This episode could inspire you to contemplate your interpersonal dynamics and lead to creating even healthier relationships across the board through the recognition and transmutation of personal and generational trauma.

On another note, we moved to KAUAI last month and we also shared a fun REQUESTbar update!

We hope you enjoy this episode, thank you so much to our global village of incredible humans (YOU) that continues to energetically support our union. We are deeply grateful.

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Conceived in 2018, the huMANity podcast has evolved into a platform for men and women to expand their understanding of sex, sex energy, sacred sexuality, divine union, and so much more. Michael and his beloved, Makenzie, explore these topics at length within the context of their own life experience and divine union.

Neither comfortable, nor conventional, this podcast is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as, on the leading edge of what’s possible in the realm of sex, sex energy, and relationships.

Tune in, take your power back, and start using your sex energy for good, today.



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