UNLEASHED: Anger, Creativity, Sex Energy & Fire

Leo season 2020 is already bringing the HEAT. This episode highlights our takeaways thus far. Come on over and have a listen to our shares about doing what scares the shit out of you, not playing small, anger, the higher purpose of sex energy, polyamory, relationship triggers, cheating, unleashing creativity and more!

Key takeaways:

- Notice what makes you uncomfortable and lean in. Now is the time!

- Consciously circulate your sex energy throughout your entire body rather than keeping it trapped in your lower centers

- Uncollapse your sex energy with your sexuality, two totally different things

- Allow your sex energy to flow the way it was designed to

- How the path of divine union, devoting yourself to one person, can lead to unlimited freedom and fulfillment

- Anger; how to acknowledge it, work with it, and let it work on you

- Take yourself out of the straight jacket and unleash your bigness, your true creativity and your DREAMS.



Sit in ‘ceremony’ for at least one hour per day and contemplate the themes of fire, sex energy, and creativity. In ceremony, allow yourself to FEEL LIFE within you and all around you. This may lead to tears, singing, dancing, and anything in between. Embrace this powerful time on the planet and do everything possible to avoid distracting yourself with social media, news, or the consumption of information. Instead, bring balance through dedicating time daily to feeling your aliveness. Warning: Creative downloads may follow. Do not turn to IG to release this creative energy. Sit with it for longer, allow it to work in you and on you. That way when you do express it, it will be a timeless transmission whether shared with the world or kept intimately for yourself.

Our favorite way to sit in ceremony includes ceremonial grade cacao, medicine music playlists, conscious breathing, essential oils and a journal. Links for KAKAO and medicine music below.


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Conceived in 2018, the huMANity podcast has evolved into a platform for men and women to expand their understanding of sex, sex energy, sacred sexuality, divine union, and so much more. Michael and his beloved, Makenzie, explore these topics at length within the context of their own life experience and divine union.

Neither comfortable, nor conventional, this podcast is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as, on the leading edge of what’s possible in the realm of sex, sex energy, and relationships.

Tune in, take your power back, and start using your sex energy for good, today.



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